About Us


You feel eternally happy when your works makes others happy. Realizing the ultimate cause of life and working on one of its way to give smile on the face of others Ekk Pahel is small union of students having clear vision and firm resolution. With a team of diligent and hardworking people we are strong and sturdy enough to face any challenges of life.
We organize events at orphanages, old age homes, food distribution to needy in many part of country to get closer to the people of god and give them reasons to laugh. They share their moments and cheer with us which gives us immense happiness that has no substitute in this world.
We would also like to thank every right thinking person who has supported us and it’s their support and appreciation which drives us to deliver our best towards the nation.

Our policy

Ekk Pahel, a team of students or one can also take it as brothers in arms/ same profession.

The name itself symbolize its meaning i.e. a step in for a change. But who has to take the step?? So, we the youth of nation has to take the step for change. Ekk Pahel’s general aim is to bring a change in society via helping physically, economically, mentally and financially.

It’s a group of students and any. Everyone can join it.

Every member of Ekk Pahel takes out 100 rs from his/her Pocket money every month to raise the funds which we use to help. We can deposit / contribute more than 100 rs also but it’s the minimum amount required.

We use to collect money via the contribution and help the poor and needy ones. Until now we had have many different events at different places which includes Kolkata, Bangalore, Dhanbad and Delhi etc.

Now everyone says that iss Desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta?? Kisiko to kuch karna chahiye? But bhai kise karna chahiye, hum hi toh ek kadam uthayenge to badlao aayega. Pahle main Budhiman tha Desh ko Badalana nikla tha, par asaphal ho gya. Lekin ab main samajhdar hu, maine apne aap ko badla, Dhirre-Dhirre gaon badal gya , fir kaya aur ab Desh ko badalte Dekh raha hu. So my dear sisters and brothers its we who can make /bring the change and become totally different from a huge man. So cmon let’s be a part of change.